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8 Easy Ways to Detox Your Liver

Posted by JEAN CREASEY on

liver detox for more energy and weight loss


The liver is a hard working soul.

The poor thing! It has to put up with all your bad habits. Yet there it is, helping you out every day without payment. Not even a thank you. Do you ever think about that, No! You just think about yourself.

Ha ha! But truly, do you ever give your hard-working body a thought when you bombard it with junk? Eating junk food, chemicals in your beauty products, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s etc is a common thing. All of these are foreign aliens to our well made systems.

So what does he (the liver) have to do? Eliminate the threat, filter out the baddies. Day in and day out. Never mind that he has other work to do, so he works overtime for no compensation. Slaving away and doing his best.

Now the liver is not the only elimination organ in the body, but I do think he is the DON, the head honcho, the Big Sir!

What exactly is the liver’s function, what are his day to day tasks? Let me simplify it for you quickly:

  • The most important task of the liver is to regulate our blood supply. It stores blood and eliminates damaged cells, as well as organises the blood clotting function (Quite important right?)

  • It communicates with the other digestive organs to see where there are toxic threats, and knows if there are available nutrients.

  • It is said that the liver regulates Qi (Chi) or the life flow energy in your body. The upward moving of everything in our body is related to this guy which means better transport of nutrients to other organs.

  • He gets information and items from the digestive system, and decides if they are worth circulating because they are nutritious, or if they need to be taken out because they are toxic baddies.

  • He basically magically transforms food into energy for us, deciding if there was too much sugar, then he contacts Ms. Pancreas, to release insulin, to counteract that. Or he stores the excess glucose (sugar) so he can use it for energy later.
  • He also sorts out excess hormones, and grabs onto them if too many are circulating in the body.

  • Fat removal? He takes care of that, with the help of the gall bladder.

  • He stores fat-soluble vitamins, so they can be used elsewhere when needed.

So can you see what a hard working ninja he is? If we don’t have him in our lives, well, we can’t live. If he is ill and overworked, he is not doing his 9-5 day job properly.

Suoer-employee-of -the-month-mr-liver-jeangeniehealth

A healthy liver means these things:

A strong immune system, which helps sinus, congestion and colds and flu from taking hold.

Increased energy and vibrancy.

More regular menstruation and less PMS (oh Yes! To safer husbands!)

Clearer skin and less acne.

A better digestive system meaning less bloating and fresher breath.

A definite increase in positivity and better brain function.

An improved metabolism, and less cellulite.


Now is this not the basis of all the complaints we have on a daily basis? So off we go and get pharmaceuticals which in turn make Mr. Liver more exhausted and stressed.

An unhealthy, sick and tired liver gives rise to the following things:


Bloating and gas

Poor memory –huh, say what?


Easy bruising

Pain under your ribs

Acne or skin problems like eczema


Weight gain or weight loss

Excess perspiration

Gall stones

Cellulite and difficulty losing weight

Our liver main man just needs a little TLC, and is easily made happy again. So if we are just mindful of the extra burden we are putting on him, and take some of that load off, we can have Mr. Liver as employee of the month, every month!

You know how you feel if you are not appreciated at work when you work your ass off, when you put in extra hours and stress yourself out? Well think of your liver in the same way.

Here are 8 ways to give him some recognition and care, and he will look after you for your whole life!

  1. Eat unprocessed REAL food, cut back on all the fake, boxed up ready-made items. I mean, you don’t have to eat junk every day, leave it for special occasions. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, which contains no sugar, chemicals, extra hormones, GMO’s or pesticides.

    This sounds complicated, but I have learned over the years to read labels. Why would you just blindly put something in your mouth, when you have no clue what it is? I am also going to do a post about reading labels, so it can be easier for you. The choice is yours.

    Do you WANT to feel tired and sluggish, and full of malaise, or would you love to feel more vibrant? Make small changes. Changes become habit, and then it is just second nature.


  1. Stop putting rubbish on your body. Chemicals are lurking in all your beauty products, and if you find out more (I will be writing a post about this soon) you can reduce this load by 80% easily. Imagine how much less work he has to do, and then he can concentrate on the other tasks.

    You can easily change your buying habits, and swap your chemical city products for REAL ones without all the fake promises. How about nature doing its job?


  1. Drink lemon juice (fresh) in water in the mornings, or unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It works to help your digestive system release enzymes to digest your food better, which takes the strain off your liver.

    Read an article about the benefits of lemon water by Dr. Axe here Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, and malic acid, which are enzymes that are beneficial for many things, pain and inflammation being just one. It also helps to produce more bile, which is a fat remover.


  1. Give your digestive system a break, by doing mini-fasts, or even intermittent fasts by leaving a 12 to 16-hour gap between 2 meals. Not so difficult if you think we sleep for 8 hours. So if you stop eating at 7 pm in the evening and then eat again between 7 am and 11 am, you have given your system quite a nice long break.

    Try it, it has been said to regenerate brain cells. Why? Because your body is getting the rest it needs, and is not just busy digesting foods, so then it can move onto more important projects (the brain is quite a serious project, no?)


  1. Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, which are full of nutrients and minerals to give your liver a boost. Try adding them in smoothies, or pureeing them in all your foods to up the nutrient content.


  1. Soured or fermented food is a little holiday camp for your liver. These foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, kale are full of enzymes, and this nourishes the liver. Bitters like your gran used to swear by, yip also that.


  1. Plant-based medicine. Milk thistle (Silybum Marianum) contains Silybum which is a powerful antioxidant (gets rid of all the crap), nourishes the liver, detoxes by helping to get rid of excess toxins such as pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. It helps the liver produce more bile.

    Bile is the bus that drives out all the excess fat out of the system. Most of us do not excrete enough bile, hence the fatty livers, and excess fat left in our systems. Not enough transport for the fat!!

    Basically, Milk thistle is the super amazing red Ferrari of supplements for Mr. Liver and this could be an incentive for him to work harder. Part of his work package... yes keep employees motivated I say!


  1. Last but not least, there is the super powerful Liver and Gall bladder flush that you can do at home. This is a trusted recipe that can help to eliminate the clogged up excess fat, cholesterol and bile deposits in the liver in one weekend, with products from your cupboard. Easy and cheap, and powerful!


Sign up to my monthly newsletter and get a free download of this recipe with the shopping list you need to do this. I have done this many times, so I will guide you through the process, and give you the best advice.

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So in closing, your liver is the main man! Look after him and he will look after you. Start there when you are feeling BLEH instead of racing to swallow handfuls of pills. Start with your employees. They work for you every day. Take care of their wellbeing, ask them how they are.

Don’t ignore this amazing organ, because eventually he is going to ask for sick leave, and all the work will be left to you. And then you may just be sorry!

Stay tuned for my next blog in this series of detoxing: I will talk to you about that double dream team duo - THE KIDNEYS, and how you can help them to live their best life ( and yours!)


All the best in health!

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  • Keen to try

    Newton on
  • Hi Raquel, Technology! for some reason I only saw your comments now! Thanks Raquel and Jennifer. Living healthy is hard, but we need to just do it in small steps otherwise it is overwhelming. We CAN do it!

    Jean on
  • I’m all about leading a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s just hard. I love what you said about small changes, though, because that can make healthy habits easier to attain!

    Raquel on
  • I put fresh lemon juice in my smoothies. Thanks for the idea to have lemon juice in water in the morning. I’ll try that.

    Jennifer on
  • Hi Samantha, So glad you found the blog interesting. Good luck with your cleanse, you will see how great you feel afterwards!

    Anonymous on

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