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12 Easy Steps to get your Health Groove Back

Posted by JEAN CREASEY on

get your health groove back in 12 easy steps naturally


So, you don't feel that great, you are tired, maybe a little depressed and your stress levels are off the chart. Is it my hormones, mmm, my thyroid? Am I suffering from depression? Why can't I lose weight, blah, blah, blah?


You are bored of wondering what brought you to feel like a doughy 75-year-old with no personality and joints that need oiling. 

Well, I guess we all get to that place. I think more and more women are starting to feel this way. So you chat to your friends and you go to the doctor on their advice. And here it starts.

unhealthy women lying on desk with pills everywhere- jeangeniehealth


PHARMACEUTICAL overload. You immediately get antidepressants (the standard protocol it seems) and then you get thyroid medicine because of COURSE your weight gain must be your thyroid, it could never be the take-aways and wine." I am insulin resistant" you proclaim while gulping down your third glass of Merlot.


On top of that you get tested for cholesterol, and OMG!! my number is 7! HELP I am going to die (wait, what does that even mean?) and I am very snappy with my husband and kids, so, therefore, Doctor thinks it is a good option to give some calming tablets and a mild sleeping pill for good measure.


 I mean, let's save the marriage from a murder. One Friday night when hubby forgets something you asked and the frying pan is handy, and, well I just lost my mind for a second.

Sound familiar? The trappings of life as a wife, mother, executive- (frazzled, but still got it) and a semi socialite on weekends. Not to mention the PTA and book club as well as being on the committee of a charity for good measure.

HELLLLLOOOOOOO life on this planet these days is just crazy. No wonder we are exhausted and moody.
BUT, I say, BUT.....swallowing a handful of tablets is not the answer.
Let me break it down, because I hear you saying, "What is the answer?" with quizzical (micro-bladed) eyebrows. Ok here goes:



By this, I do not mean wine, beer, carbohydrates, etc. No, I mean the unseen, unknown toxins.

We need to start making a concerted effort to educate ourselves on this matter. Have you ever wondered how things are made? Where they come from? I don't mean wine; we KNOW it's made from grapes, silly!! 

Do you know what all the ingredients on the back of food (like) products are? Subscribe to my newsletter (I mean who wouldn't want to read this literary genius!) and you can get a FREE purse-sized guide on the chemicals to avoid in your foodstuffs. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.

You will be shocked, shocked I tell you! If only you knew the half of it. Don't let me even get started on human embryos as a food additive.


We are so busy weighing ourselves every day, after going to pee, standing naked and sloooooowly climbing onto the scale, and this number is a make or break!


 Why do we do this, why are we so obsessed? Programming. We have been programmed to do so.


Now if you just stopped focusing on those numbers and focused on doing something small in terms of health every day.

Ie, walk one minute today, 2 the next and so on, and in no time you would be walking for an hour. How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit. 


Don't focus on being a gym bunny with abs, focus on getting your limbs moving, which in turn moves the blood around and gets rid of toxins.


Do you know that silicone is used in most wrinkle products, so you think your lines are going away, when in essence, they have just been pollyfilla'd.


And where do you think that plastic goes? 23 seconds and it is in your bloodstream, adding extra estrogen into your body. Oh yay, there's that hormonal problem.



As stated before, join my mailing list, and get a FREE download of a printable list of the 10 worst chemicals in beauty products. You can carry this in your purse. If the words are very long, start with letters and end in numbers, or use the word PARFUM or FRAGRANCE, steer clear.

Methyl, Ethyl, or paraben is a key to the dodgy preservatives they are using (none of them beneficial to your skin or body) and if there is a long list of ingredients, I won’t bother.

80% of the ingredients are for the manufacturer and not the consumer. These have to go somewhere in your body.

Some accumulate over time, and others need your trusty liver to clear them out.



Our grannies survived and were healthier than we were. We are now brainwashed into thinking we have no control over our own bodies, and everything needs a pill. Not true!

If you have to swallow pills for the rest of your life, then something is wrong. Are you fixing the CAUSE of the problem, or becoming a drug addict?

You know what I think?... dependency on drugs, which leads to more drugs.

All these DISORDERS that have surfaced in recent years are there to sell you drugs. You are fine Martie, you are fine. Stop giving your body rubbish to live off, start improving your nutrition, and voila, most things clear up on their own.

I don’t see my dog going to the doctor every five minutes......she just chooses from nature, and occasionally eats some grass when she is not feeling well.



I know it is not fun, believe me, I know. I am actually busy with a fruit and vegetable detox as we speak. I am sulking, but I KNOW how much better I am going to feel in a week, or 5 days, or even 3 days.

Stop worrying about diets, and carbs and FRUCTOSE that everyone is so on about, and just give your body some nutrients.

Flood your body with easily digestible nutrients, which by the way is the only way to alkalise your system.

 All the natural cancer protocols involve a plant-based diet, and the results are staggering. Yes, I know there are pesticides everywhere, but at least for a bit you are not eating flesh that has copious amounts of hormones in it, and has never really seen the sun.

Just do this once a year. This is called PREVENTION.



I always quote this “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you may not have to hear it SCREAM!” Modern medicine is designed as sick care. You are sick and go and get some tablets.

Natural medicine and alternative healthcare mean you are constantly doing things to PREVENT dis-ease, and stimulating your own body to deal with the little problems by giving it the building blocks it needs.



Yes, we are all couch potatoes these days, but the less you do, the less you want to do. By starting a small bit of exercise, be it walking the stairs or yoga, or Park Run, or walk, or high-intensity workouts; believe me your energy levels go up.

So do your feel-good hormones. And the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. FACT! And weight-bearing exercises increase bone density. Come on Matilda, just do it! YOU CAN!



Yes I know, we hear this all the time. Sorry, I am going to pause to drink two glasses of water myself quickly.

You become addicted to water; you actually crave it and love it. Think about how much cheaper water is to soda, and with less horrible plastic bottles in the sea.

Please buy yourselves a glass bottle to refill every day. Plastic bottles contain xenoestrogens, which are added hormones from plastic, and are also carcinogenic! EW!!

Make sure you are drinking water free from Fluoride, the added nonsense that messes with our moods and calcifies the Pineal Gland.



We need at least 20 minutes of natural sunlight a day to induce those happy hormones. And the magnetic energy from the Earth recharges us.

Get out from under those fake lights, kick off your trendy stilettos, and go and drink your antioxidant-rich (One glass) of wine outside when you get home from work.



We do not get the amount of vitamins and minerals in our food as we used to, so it is imperative to stock up on quality supplements like Magnesium Spray (easier to absorb, and much cheaper), Buy it HERE

MSM which is Sulphur and is good for joints, and cells, and hair, skin, and nails. Buy it HERE

Lugol’s Iodine is also valuable as a supplement to boost your thyroid and clean your blood. There are many, but start with the basics.



This is of utmost importance! Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Believe me, I know that work can bring out the 7 headed dragon side of one’s personality, but with positive self-talk, you can get through it.

And by changing the way you react to stressors makes all the difference to your mood. There will always be stupid people, and always be cows, but if you ask yourself if you really value their opinion, then 99.9% of the time, you do not, so move on through the negativity, and WOO_SAHHHH!!


Now I can’t make you do all these things, but pick one or two things to start implementing today. Our brains are the things that talk us out of most challenges.

On the plus side, once you start any of these things, it soon becomes second-nature and you are like, seeeee I CAN.


YOU are healthy, you are happy, you are successful.

You are less stressed. You are a beautiful being.

And one that note, cheers to you with a big, fat antioxidant-rich glass of wine. We are after all, just human!

Health is wealth!

Warm wishes,

jean from jean genie health signature-jeangeniehealth

PS Please do join my new Natural HEALTH TRIBE group on Facebook, where we all discuss our niggling health concerns and how to help with natural and alternative methods that get rid of the cause and not the symptoms









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