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Mosquito spray 125ml

Mosquito spray 125ml

  • R 85.00

Look no further for natural Mozzie spray that not only smells amazing but does a great job too! The oils in this formulation dull the smell receptors of the mosquito so they cannot find you. Long-lasting and soothing and soft on the skin. 

Say goodbye to dodgy chemical-laden products and hello to a gorgeous smelling, skin-soothing, mozzie bite busting spray that is great for babies and adults alike.

Choose natural, good for you, the environment and animals too. No mosquitoes were harmed in the making of this item, lol!

Directions for use:

Use this spray at sunset or whenever necessary.


Witch hazel, glycerine, almond oil, lavender, yarrow, peppermint, citronella and vanilla herbs, eco-certified emulsifier, eco-certified preservative, aqua.