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Our Story


My name is Jean.

I love nature and animals.


My love affair with all things natural started twenty plus years ago when I became interested in aromatherapy. I was intrigued at what nature had given us, and how powerful herbs were. Aromatherapy oils not only work on the physical body but also on our emotional state. Our sense of smell is powerful!


Over the years I have learned so much regarding natural health. I find it is a subject that always excites me. I have helped myself and family and friends with all things natural.

Striving to become more green and eco-friendly, I started on a quest to simplify my life. In the process I discovered how many hidden chemicals, parabens and carcinogenic agents are in everything we use.  I was also horrified at the impact all these chemicals have on the environment, and as an animal lover was saddened to learn of all the testing on animals.


The more beauty products we buy, the more it seems we need. And so Jean Genie was borne through gifts of beauty products with no harmful chemicals to friends and family.

My husband Stephen has since become involved and intrigued by what nature has to offer. 

I am now also:

  • a Qualified Herbal Medicine Practitioner 

  • an Acudetox Auricular Practitioner

  • a Facial Enhance Acupuncture Practitioner 

  • A Reiki Practitioner (busy studying)

  • An Animal Reiki Practitioner  (busy studying)

My passion is natural health and alternative health. 

This is our passion and we want to help people to feel better and look better, and educate people about what we are putting into our bodies There are better ways than swallowing handfuls of pills, and  easy ways of detoxing your bathroom and kitchen cabinets of toxic chemicals. We show you how easy it is to use natural earth friendly products on your skin.


We freshly make everything as natural as possible. We hope you enjoy the products, because they are made with nature and LOVE!

 We strive to:

  • Add no harmful chemicals into our products

  • Add no carcinogens or petrochemicals in our products

  • Add no parabens or artificial colourants or perfume

  • Be more environmentally aware

  • Add no ingredients that have been tested on animals

  • Help and educate

  • Make everything with LOVE!

     Testimonials what people have to say about Jean Genie

     Testimonials what people have to say about us Jean Genie

       Testimonials what people have to say about us Jean Genie