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7 Ways to Detox your Kidneys, Make your Body Happy and Thin

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How to detox your kidneys with natural supplements herbs and detox


Kidneys? Everyone knows they have kidneys right? Most people know where they are situated in the body. That’s great! But do you know what this fabulous dream team duo do for you every day?

My guess is probably not. Perhaps you know they filter the urine. BUT this fabulous duet is very important to you, and you probably don’t respect them that much. You know I see people are more interested in their cars, or more respectful of their cars than they are of their organs.

Do you hear how ridiculous that is? You would not dare disrespect your car by treating it as badly as you do your kidneys.

Perhaps the reason for that is that we don’t see these things daily. We cannot spit and polish them, or look at the different kidney models in a glossy overpriced magazine. If our organs were situated on the outside of our bodies, do you think we would respect them more? Show them more love? These twins just want some luuurve! That is all they ask for.

What favours and chores do these amazing ladies do for you each day of your life?

Let’s break it down

  • Filtration system – the main function is to filter all the rubbish out of our systems. The way we abuse our bodies these days, this is a BEEEG job. All the prescription meds, toxins and excess salts and electrolytes get moved out through the kidneys.



  • More filtration – blood is sent from the head honcho Mr. Liver, full of Urea (a by-product of the toxins) to the kidneys, and then filtered in the sorting office of the kidneys.



  • Did you know that the kidneys play a big role in regulating blood pressure? Surprise surprise! They do this as they need a constant blood pressure to be able to filter. They secrete a blood vessel tightening protein called angiostenin that helps the body know to hold on to sodium and water.

    The tightening and loosening of the vessels regulate blood pressure. I want to put big googly eyes here! This is sooooo important!



  • These two beautiful ladies are like tea girls. They regulate the water balance in our bodies, by excreting urine. Imagine sitting at work and being thirsty, and there is no tea, there is no water.... eek! We all know this when we get water retention, or when we are not drinking enough water in a day.



  • If these two ladies don’t get enough oxygen, then they put in a 911 distress call upstairs via the employee called erythropoietin (what a name!) He is a hormone that gets the bone marrow to do his work and send out more oxygen producing red blood cells.

    Basically he sorts this out so that windows can be opened in the office block to allow more fresh air in.



  • Acid regulation in the body. When cells do their work and give off the necessary energy then they release acids. A fine balance must be kept in the body of a certain PH level. (acid/alkaline balance)
    Whatever we put in and on our bodies are either acid or alkaline. The kidneys keep this balance in the body at all times. (7.35 to 7.45 PH)



So you can see that this pair of valuable office workers are busy all day. They cannot stop working. If we are not drinking enough water (or even too much) or we are putting so many chemicals in daily, these two have to work overtime.

Again, like the liver, they don’t get any extra perks for doing that. What they are getting is tired. Oh dear, there are no other staff to take over this job if they decide to go on strike.

Can we just help them by reducing their workload? Well yes, we can, and we should! When this team is working well and not overloaded, this is what we find:



  • Our waste products are being eliminated timeously, and therefore our bodies and metabolisms are not sluggish and slowed up. Faster metabolism equals better and easier weight maintenance.


  • Our bodies are producing Vitamin D efficiently, and we have strong, healthy bones.


  • We have sufficient energy all day due to oxygenated blood cells.


  • Our blood pressure is stable and in the normal range.



Our diets, plus stress and underactivity (a couch potato lifestyle) are all stressing out our organs, so if we have overworked unhealthy kidneys, this is what we will be struggling with:


Suffering from water retention or oedema, especially in the lower part of the body, but also puffy eyes.


High blood pressure


Nausea and vomiting


Urinating too much, or too little, or blood in the urine.


Feeling lethargic, and disoriented


Kidney stones


So what are the main reasons that can cause our kidneys to want to resign?


We eat a diet full of non-nutritious, chemically laden food.


We don’t drink enough water.


We take prescription meds on a daily basis. Did you know how bad painkillers are for the kidneys? You should know that they are under attack from NSAIDS (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug). Who swallows them like sweeties every day?


Being overweight: Why - because this puts strain on our organs, especially if we carry visceral fat (fat on our abdomen). We need to be thinking of not what we look like, but more in terms of what we are doing to our poor loyal organs.


Poor immune function: Usually if we are not healthy, through lifestyle choices, our immune systems are not working properly. If we are giving our bodies what they need, then our immune systems will be strong enough to fight off all kinds of viruses and bacteria, and then our liver and kidneys do not have to do extra work.

Happy healthy kidneys-jeangeniehealth

What can we do to cleanse our kidneys BEFORE they resign from their job?

I am always amazed that people wait for their organs to give in totally before they pay attention. It would be the equivalent of driving a brand new car, given to you as a beautiful gift, and never, ever looking after it.

Driving it over all terrains, letting the oil run dry, never pump the tyres, putting in inferior petrol, never ever cleaning it, never once taking it for a service, and then being so upset and devastated when it just left you standing at the side of the road.
To repair all those problems now, will be a massive job! And cost thousands of Rands. Well exactly! The same with our health.

I heard a quote that said

“If we listen to our body whisper, we may not have to hear it scream!”


So take your kidneys for a mini vacay, send them for a job skills update, and they will be back, refreshed and full of life.


  1. Herbal teas – Herbs are the most amazing things given to us to use for our health. Look at animals, how they thrive in a natural environment. Stinging Nettle is a rather annoying weed that makes us itch and burn, BUT this is one of the most nutritious herbs we can find.

    It is especially a favourite treat for our kidney team. Dandelion, another “weed” is also super nutritious and helps the kidneys excrete toxins more efficiently. Parsley is also another super herb to use. Burdock root too. All these herbs clean the blood and the lymphatic system.

    They make a powerhouse kidney fix, as they are all diuretics (get rid of excess water) and are packed with minerals and anti-oxidants. They significantly improve kidney function.
    Make yourself a herbal blend, and drink tea 3 times a day for 3 days.


  1. Anti-oxidants – In the form of berries. Berries are packed full of reservatrol which is a very essential compound for the kidneys. Cranberries especially help Urinary Tract Infection, or bladder infection, and Blueberries are very high in reservatrol, which help to eliminate uric acid and kidney stones.


  1. Drink lemon water in the morning – This helps to detoxify and alkalise the system, thereby putting less stress on the main organs.


  1. Magnesium- a very important mineral for diabetes which is now known to start from poor kidney function. This helps to prevent kidney stones.

    We do not have enough magnesium in our soils anymore, so we need to supplement. The spray is the easiest way to get it into your system. Check out our Magnesium products here.


  1. Beetroot - This is a great addition to your diet to help the kidneys get the nutrition they need. They are packed full of goodness, and studies in rats have shown Beetroot extract to significantly reduce kidney inflammation. Studies have also shown that Beetroot reduces blood pressure quite quickly, especially when eaten raw.


  1. Vitamins- Vitamin B6 helps reduce calcium oxalate levels related to kidney stones.


  1. Drink more water- There are differing opinions about the amount to drink, but generally between 2 to 3 litres a day is optimal. Make sure it is filtered water that does not have added fluoride in it, and not tap water that is highly chlorinated. I hear people saying, oh but they don’t like water....

Would you not put water in your car? You would not dare. Hell, I think you need to review your life if you are drinking chemically laden drinks instead of water.


Last but not least, there is a powerful kidney cleanse you can do for 3 days. Sign up and get your free copy of this quick and easy cleanse here.

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If you have not had a read about the liver, his functions, and a cleanse you can do for him too,

Follow this link to have a peak.

Your dream team workers will thank you immensely if you do a quick cleanse, or follow these steps once in a while. Healthy kidneys mean a healthy you.

Healthy organs mean a less sluggish system, a faster metabolism and a more energetic you! Start cleansing today! Stop thinking about calories, start thinking about cleansing!

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Yours in natural health,

Jean XOXO Signature- jeangeniehealth

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