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Aromatherapy - a Quick and Easy Guide Start Today!

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aromatherapy essential oils for health and wellness


I have been besotted with Aromatherapy oils since I was 20. I was given a set of them by my boyfriend at the time, who is now known as “The Plant Guy” by my husband. He never met him but knows I know botanical names of a lot of plants from then when Aaron (nice guy) studied Horticulture. I am not sure why hubby always has to say “the plant guy’ in such a sarcastic tone, especially as he never met him, or never says that about any other ex I had, haha. Anyway, I digress.

I was given a whole box set of oils and an aromatherapy book which I still have today, and I still consult from time to time. There is an inscription on the inside cover, bless his heart!

Aromatherapy book with note jeangeniehealth


I loved them right from the start, as I have always been a hippy at heart, and believed the Earth is full of magical things to help us and heal us, and never understood the need for fake medications by pompous looking individuals in white coats who always act as if knowing your own body was a crime, because let’s face it, you never studied medicine.

So what I want to discuss today is the power of plants in little bottles which are called Aromatherapy.

From around 4000 BC civilisations were using plant essences. The Babylonians and Egyptians lavishly used oils, and then trade routes started. Priests retailed oils and concoctions, and famous oils like Frankincense and Myrrh were used and given as gifts for baby Jesus as the story goes.

Crusaders then later brought oils to Europe from the East, and the perfume industry was started.

Man has always relied on plants for medicine until somewhere in the 1900’s when modern medicine started to overtake plant medicine, and herbalists and natural healers were called “quacks”. Now largely modern herbal medicine is something that cannot be patented, and therefore money cannot be made by claiming the remedy was made by a certain company or individual. Anyway, that is a story for another time.

The term aromatherapy was coined in 1937 by RM Gatefosse, who accidentally discovered the healing powers of lavender oil on burns while working in a perfumery. In a small explosion, he burnt his hand and plunged it into a bowl of lavender oil. His hand healed very quickly without a scar!

He started researching into the beneficial properties of other oils and was amazed at the functions of them.

The oils are almost all antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial. They have powerful healing properties too.

Aromatherapy was used in World war II and even for TB, diabetes and cancer patients. Marguerite Maury wrote many books on the subject in 1940 when she discovered the powers of healing emotional, and mental issues with plants.

Most essential oils are obtained from distillation. Citrus oils can be obtained by squeezing out the rinds.

Oil prices can differ depending on where they are grown, and which species it is.

I am a herbalist and am amazed at the healing power of plants every day.

These very concentrated essences are great for use around the home. I am not a fan of the very high priced oils that make up part of multi-level marketing companies. The reason is that they coined the phrase “ therapeutic” and suddenly made as if their oils were the only ones beneficial to health. This is simply not true. They also like to make claims of using the oils internally, which true Aromatherapists and Herbalists do not believe in. 

Here is a list of my favourite oils, which are a must for every home and first aid kit.

Oils are very strong and should be used sparingly.

Some oils should not be used if pregnant or if suffering from epilepsy

Two to four drops per 20ml of carrier oil, and never neat on the skin except for Lavender and Tea tree oil.

5 to 7 drops in a bath.

5  drops in an essence burner in some water.

Do not ingest oils.

Lavender fields jeangeniehealth



This beautiful flowering bush has been used for thousands of years

Methods of use:

In the bath, essence burner, or massage oil. This is one of a few oils that can be used neat on the skin.

Use neat for cuts, stings, burns, bites or sunburn.  It can be used on acne.

Lavender calms the mind and eases insomnia and headaches. It helps with stress and anxiety. It is great for babies to relax and calm, as helps with high blood pressure. It heals skin super fast and is great against microbes of all kinds.



Methods of use:

Bath, essence burner, massage oil.

Peppermint helps with digestive problems, including nausea, and period pains. It can be used during studying and as a perk me up, or for headaches.

Use in a carrier oil and rub on the stomach or diaphragm.

Peppermint is stimulating and uplifting and helps with fatigue. It can help with anger issues that could affect the liver.

rosemary jeangeniehealth


Methods of use:

Bath, essence burner, massage blend.

Rosemary is great for sore muscles, so a soak in a bath with 5 drops of rosemary is so relaxing.

Useful for headaches and helps to boost circulation. It is stimulating to the brain, so very helpful for memory and concentration. Shakespeare said, “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”



This is another of my favourites. It is made from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, The scent will take you to heaven!

Methods of use:

Essence burner, bath or massage oil.

Neroli is great for the nervous system and calms one down. You can massage your heart area in times of extreme tension. It is euphoric, in a way that lifts you up, and banishes depression and tones the nervous system. Can be useful with moodiness during PMT.

 Frankinsence Resin jeangeniehealth


This is actually made from a resin from a tree in Africa.

Methods of use:

Bath, essence burner, massage oil.

Frankincense was used in rituals for purification, and most definitely clears negative emotions, or fears and worries and replaces it with tranquillity.



I love the smell of this oil as it instantly uplifts me.

Methods of use:

Bath, essence burner, massage oil.

Grapefruit is an uplifting oil and combats tiredness, including jet lag. Very helpful to get a stagnant lymphatic system moving, and for excess water in the system. It can help to eliminate toxins. Use it in a room for eliminating odours.

 Clary sage jeangeniehealth


I include this oil because of the very amazing sedative properties. It is not well known, but extremely useful.

Methods of use:

Essence burner, bath, massage oil.

Use for sedating properties, it can be used for anxiety, sleeplessness and can restore the whole system. Can cause drowsiness, so do not use before driving or using machinery. It helps with PMT and menopause. For insomnia, use as a massage on the solar plexus area or on the feet. It can be used for shock and depression.



Everyone knows this versatile oil.

Methods of use:

Essence burner, massage oil, bath, or neat.

Can be used neat for athletes foot, toe fungus, cuts, burns bites and stings, and ticks and fleas. Use it neat on the skin, and can be used in a burner to purify the air.

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If you would like to know anything more about the oils, please drop me a line.

Remember, nature provided us with everything we need, so instead of buying creams, lotions and potions full of harmful toxins, why not look to plants first. I was supposed to get stitches in my foot twice for being clumsy and decided to drop lavender oil on my toe and taped it shut. No stitches and no scar. Same with a horrific burn I got once in my heyday as a (very bad) waitress.

Peace and LOVE!


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