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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (11ml/22ml) - Jeangeniehealth

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (11ml/22ml)

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Florally fragrant and boasting bountiful benefits. Cool, calm and collected is how you will feel and your body, mind and soul with be eternally grateful to you for introducing this essential oil into your life. Breathe it in, rub it on or soak it up...either which way YOU are the winner.

 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:

Ylang ylang is relaxing & calming, eases anxiety & depression. It is a sensual oil and great as an aphrodisiac or as a relaxing bath oil. Use in a base oil, in an essence burner, or a few drops in your bath.

It is best to store them in a cool, dark place with the lids well sealed. If your fridge is the only cool place around, allow the oils to reach a cool room temperature before use.

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