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Pigmentation Reduction Kit: "Even Tone Essentials" - Jeangeniehealth

Pigmentation Reduction Kit: "Even Tone Essentials"

  • R 1,180.00

Skincare Kits to Kick Start Your Beauty Journey

These kits also qualify for FREE DELIVERY!

Save money by buying the essentials in one kit, for all different skin types. 

Pigmentation Reduction Kit: "Even Tone Essentials"

ONLY R1180 save 15% and get a FREE cotton cosmetic bag worth R200! 

Bag designs may vary as they are handmade by ladies in our community

Our products tackle your skin woes head-on, so you can flaunt a flawless complexion. Feel confident and radiant every day with our all-natural pigmentation collection! Watch your skin transform and glow like never before. Trust us, your skin will thank you!


Hydrating Aloe Gel -To refine skin and even skin tone while hydrating. 50ml

Vitamin A and B Retinol and Niacinamide Serum- for restoring skin cells and lighten complexion. - 30ml

Vitamin C Serum - Our time release formula helps to minimize sun damage - 30ml

Radiant Skin Polish- Our Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy acids remove the top layer of skin to reveal renewed skin, brighter and more beautiful -  20ml

Miracle Tissue Oil - Contains essential fatty acids and organic oils with Coenzyme Q10 to rejuvenate - 20ml

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