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Peppermint Tincture (50ml/100ml) - Jeangeniehealth

Peppermint Tincture (50ml/100ml)

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Peppermint Tincture

Are you plagued by indigestion and heartburn?  Embarrassed by flatulence you cannot control?  Battle with nausea from motion sickness / morning sickness or other digestive ailments? Peppermint Tincture is the answer to all your debilitating digestive disorders.

Directions of use:

  • 20 to 30 drops, 2 to 3 times a day in a little water.
  • Alternatively put into boiling water and let sit until cool to evaporate alcohol.
  • Use as needed.
  • Discontinue if adverse symptoms occur.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, put drops into boiling water.
  • Not to be used for gallstones or hiatus hernia.
  • Contains alcohol.
  • Herbal preparations are a complimentary health option and not to be mistaken for medical advise, diagnoses or cure.

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