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Peace Blend Essential Oils (11ml/22ml) - Jeangeniehealth

Peace Blend Essential Oils (11ml/22ml)

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Peace Blend Essential Oils

Mother nature to nurture you and calm you, to restore your soul. Our Peace Blend Essential Oils is a mix of the finest plant oils known to induce a feeling of calm and tranquillity. Ease tension and float away to a beautiful island with no worries.

Grapefruit clears the mind and eases anxiety, Ylang ylang has been used for centuries to instil calmness, help with depression and low mood and release blocked energy, even calm palpitations. Jasmine raises self-esteem and imparts a feeling of well being.

Directions of use:

  • Inhalations, baths and massage.
  • It is best to store them in a cool, dark place with the lids well sealed.
  • If your fridge is the only cool place around, allow the oils to reach cool room temperature before use.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and use within 12 months.   

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