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Dry Skin Kit: "Moisture Miracle" - Jeangeniehealth

Dry Skin Kit: "Moisture Miracle"

  • R 1,110.00

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Save money by buying the essentials in one kit, for all different skin types. 

Dry Skin Kit: "Moisture Miracle"

ONLY R1110  save 15% and get a FREE cotton cosmetic bag! 

*Bag designs may vary as they are handmade by ladies in our community*

Experience the magic of hydration with our Moisture Miracle Dry Skin Kit! Say goodbye to flakiness and hello to soft, supple skin. This one-stop solution provides everything your skin needs to stay beautifully moisturized and radiant. Unlock the secret to a dewy complexion with Moisture Miracle.


Cream Cleanser to soothe and feed your skin - 100ml

Organic Toner to soften and restore skin tone - 100ml

Dry skin Cream miraculous moisture kick with real vitamin E  - 50ml

Vitamin E serum for that soothing and rejuvenating action -30ml

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for plumping, moisturising and softening dry skin -30ml


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