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Organic Digestive Repair Aloe Powder (100ml) - Jeangeniehealth

Digestive Repair Organic Aloe Powder (100ml)

  • R 300.00

Organic Digestive Repair Aloe Powder

Aloe Vera is a very popular plant for good reason. It has the ability to soothe the intestines, assist the digestive system with housekeeping, and keep all the yucky things at bay. It is also an amazing immune booster, corrects your PH levels and is good for detoxification. Use Organic Digestive Repair Aloe Powder every day for tip-top health. This is organic Aloe that has been freeze-dried, so it is a 200:1 concentrate.

Directions of use:

  • Take one-quarter teaspoon (1.25 ml) in water daily.
  • Mix vigorously and enjoy a refreshing drink.
  • This is in no form medical advice or diagnosis, and should not replace medicine prescribed by your doctor.

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