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Colloidal silver antimicrobial for immune boosting and healing skin issues

Colloidal Silver 500ml

  • R 120.00

If you need an all-rounder for your medicine cabinet, this is it. Colloidal silver is the best natural anti-microbial. It kills viruses, fungi and bacteria. It helps to boost the immune system. Use it for sore throats, sore eyes, earache, and cuts, burns, bites and stings. useful in a nebuliser to open up the chest. Fantastic for the whole family.  

Directions for use:

Use one teaspoon in water for any signs of illness or to boost your immune system. Gargle for sore throats, or drop into eyes for pink eye or conjunctivitis. Dab onto skin problems.

Store in a cool, dark place, and use within 6 months.

This is in no way medical advice, diagnosis or cure. If unsure please get advice from your medical practitioner.


Colloidal Silver Liquid 18 Parts per Million

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