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MSM Powder (100ml/250ml) - Jeangeniehealth

MSM Powder (100ml/250ml)

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MSM Powder

MSM is an amazing all-rounder supplement. It can help promote general health and well-being, reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, aid digestion and boost the immune system. It also helps relieve allergies, which is especially useful if you suffer from asthma.

The sulphur content helps detoxify the body on a cellular level. Very helpful for arthritis, as it puts moisture back between the joints. Your furry friend will also benefit if they have joint or hip pains, and have their coat sleek, smooth and shiny!


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring organic sulphur compound found in plants and animals. It has amazing therapeutic properties and can detoxify the body on a cellular level. Sulphur is an essential mineral and we require a constant supply for health. *Nourishes skin, hair and nails *relieves pain and inflammation*reduces allergies *promotes digestive health *aids immune system*benefits arthritis, migraines and muscle pain.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) powder.

Directions of use:

Start off with 1 gram a day - (knifepoint or eighth of a teaspoon) and slowly work up to 2 grams - a quarter to a half teaspoon in water or on the tongue. A slight detox effect might be felt to start. Discontinue use if side effects occur. This is in no form medical advice or diagnosis, and should not replace medicine prescribed by your doctor.

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