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Detoxing Diatomaceous Earth (100ml) - Jeangeniehealth

Detoxing Diatomaceous Earth (100ml)

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Detoxing Diatomaceous Earth

Detox your body and feed your joints with this collagen-boosting organic food grade Detoxing Diatomaceous Earth. As it is mineral and nutrient-rich, it can be used to supplement the diet. It also attracts toxins to itself, such as heavy metals and pathogens, and in this way is a powerful detox agent.

Rich in Silica which is the building block of ligaments, tendons and muscles, this helps with collagen formation. An important mineral in skin, hair and nail health, silica helps to strengthen these. Use to rid your body of parasites or heavy metals. Use for pets to help their coats or worms, and ticks or fleas. Use in the garden for pests as an organic pesticide. 

Directions of use:

  • Take a half teaspoon (2.5ml) in water daily.
  • Mix vigorously and drink.
  • This is in no form medical advice or diagnosis, and should not replace medicine prescribed by your doctor.

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